Fall Photos - A love letter to Grey County in Autumn

There is really no denying that fall is probably the best time of year for photos. It's easily my favourite at least! The colours are so vibrant it makes for the most beautiful photos. As a photographer, the fall is probably my busiest season aside from weddings in the summer, and every year I am so thankful to live where I do.

Grey County has some of the most gorgeous autumn views in Ontario in my opinion... although I'll admit I'm quite biased. It's quite hard to argue though! With so many trails and lookouts overlooking the amazing foliage, Grey County makes for the most beautiful backdrop. The Beaver Valley, the Bruce Trail, Georgian Bay, so many waterfalls, the possibilities are endless!

I am incredibly lucky to live in a place that most people need to drive from miles away to come and see. It makes my job easier and harder all at the same time. I have so many amazing locations for photos to choose from, but that's just the problem, there are so many to choose from!

As the season nears its close and I can see the fall colours fading away, I wanted to take the time to share just some of the photos I've had the pleasure of taking this season. Grey County, you never cease to amaze me. I already can't wait until next year!


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